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Septic Service : St Louis County, Jefferson County, St Francis County, Washington County, St Genevieve County & Franklin County

In addition to pumping, our services include:
  • New system installation   
  • Drain field repair
  • Sump pump replacements
  • Lift station installation
  • Drain & sewer cleaning
  • Pipe repair & replacement
  • Video inspection
  • Real Estate Inspections & Permits
A.E.S. Inc. Septic Solutions is pleased to provide Septic Services with:

  • Qualified, skilled technicians with over 50 years combined experience.
  • A licensed and insured company.
  • Fast response time.

Our sewer and septic services stand out from the rest because of our outstanding commitment to our customers in Jefferson County and surrounding areas. We seek to perform our work to your satisfaction—maybe even beyond your expectations.

By first evaluating the extent of services needed and telling you the cost up front, you won’t ever be surprised with a bill, and you can control the extent of what services you want. Well, there are no surprises unless you’ve never dealt with a company that truly makes our customers’ satisfaction a priority like we do.

Whether our customers need a sewer installation and conversion from septic to city sewer, have a drain field installed or repaired, or one of our other septic services, we have the expertise and qualifications for all services we provide.

We offer residential and commercial septic services throughout Greater St LouisSo whether you own a home or business, we have years of experience working with different aspects of what you may need in a sewer and septic system. Need to install a sump or ejector pump? We can do that too!

A.E.S. Inc. is driven by honesty and integrity. It’s one thing to tell you that we’re trustworthy, but we will prove it to you. Many of our customers return to us for service because they know the experience they get with us is truly a cut above the rest.
We work with YOUR schedule.

Thank you for your business! 
AES Septic Solutions proudly accepts all major credit cards for all Septic Repairs

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Do you know when your septic system was serviced last?
If not, it has probably been too long. You might be asking yourself how many years should it take before I need my tank pumped?  The answer is...In order to ensure a properly maintained septic system, it is recommended that a septic tank be cleaned every 2 to 3 years, depending on the number of people living in the home. Proper maintenance extends the life of the system by reducing the amount of solids build-up and preventing waste from exiting the tank and clogging the drainage.  For more information on septic systems click here.
From a small pipe repair to a St Louis drain field restoration, A.E.S. has the knowledge, equipment, and manpower needed to diagnose the problem, provide you with options, and get the job done quickly.  Contact Us Today @ 314.608.2457 636.937.9876 
Type of Service Needed:
Septic System Maintenance-When was your septic system last serviced?
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